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Psychiatry the biggest medical fraud today

I made a video about "Psychiatry - the biggest medical fraud today" The URL is:

In my video I describe how I was labelled with 15 different psychiatric bogus psychiatric diagnoses from the DSM IV book (The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) used by most psychiatrists.

There are over 300 disorders listed. Smoking and Stuttering are classified as mental disorders.
There is no scientific proof nor test to proof that mental illness exists yet the American Psychiatric Association get together every few years to concoct up some new mental disorder.

Paul J. Caplan, an American psychologist and author wrote an excellent book entitled "They Say You're Crazy: How the World's Most Powerful Psychiatrists Decide Who is Normal". On the back cover of her book it says "by debunking and demystifying the process through which the American Psychiatric Association determines who is and who is not "normal"," They Say You're Crazy gives the rest of us a figthing chance to avoid becoming victims of the mental-health establishment." -The Cleveland Plain Dealer. Paula Caplan's website URL is:

Dr. Peter R. Breggin has been quoted as saying

I got my medical file from the Royal Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I had to pay $100. for my file, it would have been more but I asked that the price be reduced as I am
on a low income, a meagre disability cheque from the Ontario government. Here is what was on my file.

HAD FROM 1972 TO 1990

15 mental disorders from the DSM book

Agitated Depression
Adult Situational Disorder
Bipolar Affective Disorder
Histronic Personality
Manic Depressive Psychosis
Marital Maladjustment
Paranoid Schizophrenic
Personality Disorder
Psycho Affective Psychosis
Schizoaffective Psychosis
Schizoaffective Disorder
Severe Psychotic Illness
Situational Reaction

I started to believe for years I was mentally ill and was brainwashed by psychiatrists I would be mentally ill for life and there was nothing I could do about it but take this certain pill for this certain psychiatric
disorder, and when the pills did not work, I got a new mental disorder
with a new psychiatric pill to match. After 18 years of being humiliated,
thinking I was sick and listening to and acknowledging these so
called mental disorders, I fired my shrink and dumped my toxic
psychiatric pills down the toilet and never felt better in all my life.
At last I felt there was hope and that I could be free of psychiatry and I am for l7 years now, since 1990, no hospital stays, no psychiatrist
appointments and no psychiatric drugs. My mind is free and I think
more clearly now not having my mind polluted with all these toxic
meds that have done real damage to my body. I get ticks in all parts of my body, nerve damage you might call it, and body ticks can hurt real bad and they do.

I now take pills for high blood pressure and for diabetes type II. I have lost 50 pounds and have more to lose but I am doing it one day at a time, one step at a time.

There is no test nor scientific proof that
mental illness exists yet the Diagnostic
& Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
has over 300 mental disorders in the
book called DSM IV. Smoking and stuttering
are classified as mental disorders.

DR. Paula J. Caplan wrote a book called "They say you're Crazy"

Psychiatric Pills I took from 1972 - 1990

Here is the list of 14 different types of psychiatric medications

chlorprothixene--------------- taractan
fluphenazine--------------------permitil, prolixin
fluphazine enanthate injections
lithium carbonate--------------lithane, lithobid, eskalith
somote---------------------------chloral hydrate
thioridazine--------------------- mellaril

I gained lots of weight, became lethargic and became confused on these meds, couldn't think straight at all, felt tired all the time
and had no energy at all. I had a dry mouth, was always thirsty,
had double vision at times, and found it hard to read as my eyes
were blurry. Walked at times in a stupor, fell asleep most of the time,
and was hungry all the time and ate loads of food. I felt like I had no hope while on these meds, like my life was going nowhere, I had low self esteem and I was brainwashed into thinking I needed these
meds for life which is hogwash.

Dr. Peter R. Breggin, a psychiatrist in the New York
State wrote books about the harm done by
psychiatric drugs in books he wrote entitled
"Toxic Psychiatry", "Talking Back to Prozac"
"Your Drug May be your problem". He has a
huge website at the URL
I feel the medical model of psychiatry which is the psychiatric labels/diagnoses, psychiatric meds/drugs, electroshock and behaviour
modification is barbaric, inhumane, destroys your sense of self
and self esteem, and most of all takes any sense of hope you ever had for the future. Being locked up on a ward and not knowing when you
are going to get out is very frightening, very humiliating and very
intimidating to say the least. You are the mercy of the psychiatrist
who toys around with your freedom so to speak. There are conditions for being released from a ward. It could be comments like this that were made to me...take your pills or else we keep you on the ward...see the psychiatrist once a month or you will come back in.....take your pills because you know what happened last time, you got suicidal and landed back on the did much better when you were on the are sick and you need your pills, you don't understand how sick you would make your family happy to see you well do want to get off the ward,
don't are not realistic right now....act your age and take your pills....look at yourself the way you are acting, demanding that we not give you your pills... Dr. says you have too, and we don't want to tell him you didn't take your are your happy pills....don't hide the pills under your tongue or we will give you your pills in a liquid form....dr says you need to increase your pills so you will get better...
now. now behave yourself and do what the doctor asks...we have to give you your pills because the doctor has the ordered marked down here on your chart....refuse your pills, why would you want to do that?
that is a silly thing to do....think about it carefully and come back and we will talk about it....don't get angry at me just because I have to give you your will lose your privileges or you won't get any if you don't take these pills now, you do like to go off the ward, don't you...
take these pills with you for the weekend...did you take an overdose of someone's pills who came back from the weekend, why did you do that.....don't spit the pills out again or we will give you a needle, an act out so much...these pills are going to help you get one likes to take pills but diabetics have to too you know, it like the same thing....why are you sleeping so are lazy and can't get out of bed now can you.....line up everyone, it is pill time and come and get your happy pills, our large nurse terry would say on
Ward H at Brockville Psychiatric Hospital with a big grin on her face and she was wearing a one carat diamond ring....lift up your tongue so we can see if you are hiding your pills....why did you spit your pills down the toilet....what would happen if someone took all my pills for one day I asked a nurse and she told me it would knock out a horse
just the big black sleeping pills I took at careful of the sun,
as some of the pills will make you get sunburned more quickly, stay out of the sun now....your eyes look tired...can I have more water I am very thirsty....I have to lay down and sleep right now....can I have
toothpicks to open up my eye lids....what are these pills for....
when will the doctor stop these meds for me....what is the name of these pills.....too long of a name to remember, please mark it down for me....what is my mental disorder.....oh, I don't understand why I have to take so many types of pills at for agitation,one to help me sleep, and one to calm me down and one to quiet down my racing of my thoughts....why do I have to have a blood test while I am taking lithium, why did I get lock jaw? why do I get this injection every month...I lost my pills and I need some more, asked for more pills and got drugged up for free on psychiatric drugs... don't have to pay for the meds, I got them free on my drug card from the Social many pills did you take, 14, oh no...140...nurse come here quick, the patient is going unconscious in the emergency ward...
why did you take all the pills, Suzanne, I was asked in intensive care...
death wish you say...Suzanne, take this, what is this, a cup of cigarette ashes, no it is a liquid to clean out your system, do you remember taking too many pills...this liquid takes awful and I passed out again...
Suzanne, stop pulling that nose cup off, it is to help you breath...turn over Suzanne, do you hear me... I have to change your sheets again...
where am I going, you are on an elevator going to the psych ward, do you remember coming into Emergency and then going to Intensive care....John said, I held your hand but you did not know I was there were out cold for two days, first you were listed as critical in Intensive care and then you were listed as in satisfactory condition...
the pills did not kill you because you are large woman, if you were a think girl you would have died, the pills took longer to get into your system and you came in quickly and that was a good driver why are you driving so quick after I told him I took 140 pills as he asked me why I was going to Emergency.....he took me into the hospital....whoever you are, thank you, I don't remember what taxi or
what the driver looked maitre d, I took 140 pills,
I can't help you so I wanted down the street to the hotel and told the
recepitionist who called the ambulance and I spoke to them and did not believe I took the pills and they never came so a couple who ordered a taxi heard me and said take their taxi and I did, thank you
to whoever you are, you saved me life...Three angels that day...
the couple and the taxi driver....I had the money to pay for th taxi
thank goodness...I did not really want to die, I was really crying out for help....what do you think this place is a resort the young psychologist grilled me as I did not do the MMPI personality test with all their stupid questions, I told her that the Intensive Care department shipped me up here, not me...where are my clothes...they are put away in case you try to run away from the hospital....why are taking my picture...just in case you try to run away
from the hospital...why are looking through my purse and my box of my belongings...just in case there is something there that you might hurt yourself are a schizophrenic like your uncle Gerry my father told me referring to his brother Jerry...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center

Here is a picutre of the third level at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, notice the section
ECT/Electroconvulsivo therapie where they peform brain disabling electroshock

The infamous ECT room 3105 at the new "Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, in Ottawa, Ontaro Canada How many people have they brain damaged to date with ECT?

Here is a picture of the new Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Nothing has changed since I was a patient there staring in 1972 to 1990. Still oppressive,
still labelling people with bogus psychiatric disorders and still prescribing toxic psychiatric
drugs to the patients, psychiatric inmates I call them. A hellhole for sure, make look pretty inside with all the latest modern stuff but still has the same psychiatric medical model as 35 years ago. Don't judge the image....

Security followed me in a car driven by a friend to Westgate shopping centre next door and the security guard gave me on nasty look and drove off. Just a nice little warning...
I took these pic one Sunday evening and I took them quickly as there are cameras on the
walls everywhere and they spotted me for sure. It was worth taking those pics, a picture is
worth a thouand words...

My history as a frequent patient at the Royal Ottawa Hospital (ROH)

I had the "revolving door syndrome" at the ROH. I was first admitted there voluntarily when I was 17 years old in 1972. I had just left my upper middle class home with my folks. I ran
away in other words for good reason. My mom was threatening me all the time and I Dad turned a blind eye to my Mom's emotional abuse and physical abuse. Mom had beat me and my brother Chris for 17 years and I had had enough and I took off. I had no money, no
survival skills, I was young and naive and homeless.

A high school friend Christie took me in while her parents were Florida. Once her folks were coming back home I had to leave. My boyfriend Elsayed Shelbaya, an Egyptian who was
16 years older than me, took me a friend's house to stay for a month. Come the middle of
April, I had missed lots of my high school classes at Sir Wilfrid Laurier High School on Carson Road.... to read more go to my personal story at the URL: