Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center

Here is a picutre of the third level at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, notice the section
ECT/Electroconvulsivo therapie where they peform brain disabling electroshock

The infamous ECT room 3105 at the new "Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, in Ottawa, Ontaro Canada How many people have they brain damaged to date with ECT?

Here is a picture of the new Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Nothing has changed since I was a patient there staring in 1972 to 1990. Still oppressive,
still labelling people with bogus psychiatric disorders and still prescribing toxic psychiatric
drugs to the patients, psychiatric inmates I call them. A hellhole for sure, make look pretty inside with all the latest modern stuff but still has the same psychiatric medical model as 35 years ago. Don't judge the image....

Security followed me in a car driven by a friend to Westgate shopping centre next door and the security guard gave me on nasty look and drove off. Just a nice little warning...
I took these pic one Sunday evening and I took them quickly as there are cameras on the
walls everywhere and they spotted me for sure. It was worth taking those pics, a picture is
worth a thouand words...

My history as a frequent patient at the Royal Ottawa Hospital (ROH)

I had the "revolving door syndrome" at the ROH. I was first admitted there voluntarily when I was 17 years old in 1972. I had just left my upper middle class home with my folks. I ran
away in other words for good reason. My mom was threatening me all the time and I Dad turned a blind eye to my Mom's emotional abuse and physical abuse. Mom had beat me and my brother Chris for 17 years and I had had enough and I took off. I had no money, no
survival skills, I was young and naive and homeless.

A high school friend Christie took me in while her parents were Florida. Once her folks were coming back home I had to leave. My boyfriend Elsayed Shelbaya, an Egyptian who was
16 years older than me, took me a friend's house to stay for a month. Come the middle of
April, I had missed lots of my high school classes at Sir Wilfrid Laurier High School on Carson Road.... to read more go to my personal story at the URL: http://symclark.blogspot.com