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Madness Radio: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs

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From: Oryx Cohen
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Subject: Madness Radio: Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs

Hi all,

This week's Madness Radio show, from our archives:

Oryx Cohen and Will Hall of the Freedom Center discuss how to reduce and
go off psychiatric drugs safely. Oryx is diagnosed with bipolar disorder
and Will with schizophrenia, and both are medication-free. They talk
about their own experiences as well as general principles and things to
keep in mind for anyone working to reduce or go off psychiatric drugs,
lessons learned from 5 years of working with the Freedom Center support
group and helping people reduce and go off drugs successfully.

Also check out the new *free* Harm Reduction Guide to Coming Off
Psychiatric Drugs, also available at

For more info:

go to this episode:

download episode directly:

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Will Hall


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