Monday, June 25, 2007

Antipsychiatry Radio Shows

Above is a picture of David Oaks, head of the Mindfreedom International. He is a psychiatric survivor. His website is at the URL: A great place to join and get involved if you want you want to know or to help fight peacefully the many psychiatric abuses and human rights violations happening in psychiatry and in mental health services. David Oaks can be reached by email at: He is a real nice person and an a great leader and leader and activist. He is one of my heroes.

Internet Radio -

Welcome to MindFreedom hosted by David W. Oaks a psychiatric survivor. LIVE FREE Internet radio. For over a year, MindFreedom has had a weekly Internet radio show that is broadcast free and live to a computer new you. Here's how to listen and call-in live every Wednesday at 4 pm EST or listen to archives later.
MindFreedom News Hour Internet Radio

Listen and call-in live every Wednesday at 4 pm EST at:

Hear MindFreedom's free weekly public Internet radio show every Wednesday at 4 pm EST about a nonviolent revolution in the mental health system, hosted by psychiatric rights activist David Oaks, director of MindFreedom.

Archives are now available again. To hear recent shows go here:

The MindFreedom News Hour is part of a diverse array of new shows on Progressive Radio Network with leadership from radio personality and health advocate Gary Null.

On each MindFreedom News Hour you'll hear hear news, resources, and an interview. Shows have covered the history of the psychiatric survivor movement, how psychiatric survivors and concerned mental health professionals are working together on human rights campaigns, and more.

Regular features include networking announcements about successful activism and alternatives.

Above is a picture of Don Weitz, a psychiatric survivor and former psychologist, an antipsychiatry and anti-ECT activist and author. Don is co-founder of the group called "Coalition Against Pscychiatric Assault (CAPA) which is located in Toronto. CAPA websites: Don is a real nice person, a great activist and leader. He is one of my heroes and one of my mentors. Don can be reached by email at:

SHRINK RAP - CKLN - 88.1 FM - Toronto

Don Weitz hosts the radio show "SHRINK RAP" in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The show is aired on radio station ( 88.1 FM) CKLN on the last Friday of the month between 6:15 p.m. and 6:35 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) This is a fantastic radio show! CKLN Website:
This is not an antipsychiatry show, but I was on this show recently

SOUND MIND - CKCU in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was a guest on the show on April 25th of this year and I was interviewed by Heather Bruce. I spoke about
electroshock and psychiatry. I asked Heather if she could send me a cassette copy of the tape of the show I was on in April. Heather agreed to do a copy for me.

Three months later and I am still waiting for a copy of the cassette of the show. Spoke to Heather and sent emails to her. She said the CKCU office is under major repairs and she will send me a tape, she has not forgotten me she said....after 3 months.... You would think the Sound Mind show would have the courtesy of sending me a copy of the show in a reasonable amount of time...

My advice to you is - if you are going to be on a radio show, tape the show yourself or you may end up in the same situation and I did.