Thursday, June 14, 2007

Whistleblowers Needed


Whistleblowers are needed? Why? Because I need to know what is going on in psychiatric hospitals and clinics. Medical professionals, lawyers, mental health advocates and friends and families of psychiatric patients have told me themselves what is going on. Confidentiality is assured. I never reveal any of my sources of information to anyone. No one uses my computer but me and I have a password to open up my computer.

There are psychiatric assaults out there and patients are being abused by psychiatry everyday.

I am looking to speak to a nurse who is against the use of electroshock. Confidentiality is assured.

I am also trying to get in contact with Ebba the nurse I knew who used to work at the Ottawa General Hospital.

You can send your email to me at: or call me at: 613-721-1833 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.