Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Dr. Paula Joan Caplan, psychologist and author

Above is a picture of Dr. Paula Joan Caplan, an American psychologist and author

Above is an image of Dr. Paula J. Caplan's book

On the back cover of this book it states:

The inside story of the process by which the mental-health elite judge us all

"By debunking and demystifying the process through which the American Psychiatric Association determines who is and who is not "normal". They Say You're Crazy gives
the rest of us a fighting chance to avoid becoming victims of the mental-health establishment." -
-The Cleveland Plain Dealer

How are decisions made about who is normal? As a former consultant to those who construct
the "bible of the mental-health professions," the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
Mental Disorders), Paula Caplan offers an insider's look at the process by which decisions
about abnormality are made. Cutting through the professional psycho-babble, Caplan clearly
assesses the astonishing extent to which scientific methods and evidence are disregarded
as the handbook is developed. A must read for consumers and practitioners of mental health
services. They Say You're Crazy exposes and challenges the mental-health establishment
which through its creation of potentially damaging interpretations and labels, has the power
to alter our lives in devastating ways.

Paula Joan Caplan's Website: