Thursday, June 14, 2007

Welcome to my new blog


Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hello everyone, I am Sue Clark-Wittenberg and that is my picture above taken last month in May 2007

This blog replaces my old website at the URL:

On my old website, I didn't know the html language and it was too much for me to keep updated. This blog is easier for me to maintain. My brother Chris had designed my old website. It was a big website and well done.
I thank Chris for a well well done.

I have two others blogs you may want to visit: The URLs are: - The Wittenberg Center to End Electroshock. My husband Steven and I founded the Center in May 2007. The purpose of the center is to educate people that
electroshock harms people and to lobby all levels of governments to help ban electroshock universally. The Center is in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - My online book about my life called "Behind the Locked Ward - The Sue Clark Story" This online book depicts my traumatic childhood and abuse in my marriages.
I also describe my 18 years of being psychiatrized in Ontario psychiatric hospitals from 1972 to 1990.
I am free of psychiatry since 1990.

I will have parts of my old website on this blog.

I welcome comments, constructive criticism and questions and interviews from the media. You can contact me by email: or you can call me in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada at: 613-721-1833
I will have a post office box soon where you can send me your snail mail to me.

I will be doing public speaking engagements next Spring starting in April 2008. 2 months notice needed. Fees to be discussed. Email me at: or phone me in Ottawa, Ontario at: 613-721-1833

You can post your comments on my blog in a section called "Leave your comments here"

Sue Clark Wittenberg