Thursday, June 21, 2007

CAPA - Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault

Picture: Left to Right: Don Weitz, Bonnie Burstow, and Paivi Laine at the Press Conference for the Mother's Day Event, May 10, 2007 held at Queen's Park, Toronto, Ontario

Bonnie and Don are co-editors of the book "Shrink Resistant: The Struggle Against Psychiatry in Canada"

Don and Bonnie are my mentors and my friends. I have great respect for them.

CAPA - The Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault

CAPA was formed in 2003. The group is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am member of large of CAPA.

CAPA has two websites: - CAPA's Main Website - CAPA's blog

Contact CAPA:
Dr. Bonnie Burstow 416-538-7103 Email:

Don Weitz 416-545-0796 Email:

CAPA's Mandate taken from the CAPA website which reads:

"Formed in 2003, CAPA is a coalition of people committed to dismantling the psychiatric system and building a better world. Radical and visionary, we are comprised of activists, psychiatric survivors, dramatists, academics, and professionals.

We see problems in living which are currently pathologized as largely created by sexism, capitalism, racism, ableism, heterosexism, and other systemic oppressions.

We see the very concept of mental illness as flawed. We object to incarceration, electroshock, and the vast array of brain-damaging drugs.

We oppose the violation of human rights which is endemic to psychiatry.

We see a connection between globalization, intolerance, and the mass marketing of the mental health industry.

The world which we strive to co-create is one where people are not pathologized, where care is neither commodified nor professionalized, where choice and integrity are respected, and where we are all joined in caring and creative community to each other and to the planet earth."

I personally think this is a fantastic mandate.

The Mother's Day Events, May 13, 2007

The Mother's Day Events on May 13, 2007 were organized by CAPA (Coalition Against Psychiatric Assault). The Mother's Day events were organized to protest the use of electroshock on women because more women than men get electroshock. This was an international event with protests in Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Cork, Ireland.

The Toronto event had over 140 protestors. There were personal testimonies from ECT survivors in person and some ECT survivors who could not make the event like myself had their personal stories read out loud at the event. There was singing and songs played, musicians, puppets, acting, and lots of social activity and good food. It was a very successful event. There will be another Mother's Day Event next year 2008 in Toronto. The CAPA website will have all the details.

Electroshock is touted as the treatment of choice for post-partum

** Women receive electroshock 2 to 3 times as much as men

** Elderly women are the greatest risk of electroshock- 52% of
electroshock treatments are given to women over 60

To see the pictures and videos and newspaper articles of the Mother's Day Event, May 13, 2007 held in Toronto,Ontario; Montreal, Quebec; and Cork, Ireland; visit these websites:

The Anti-Electroshock Proclamation written by Bonnie Burstow

We who care,
We who are committed to decency,
We who behold with horror the disrespect for human life around us,
We who shudder at the knowledge
Of women who memory has been turned into ember and ashes,
Of families brutally torn assunder by pulse waves or sine waves,
Of the elderly, who final life reward is electrocution.

We who hold this fearful knowledge can be silent no longer.

LEGISLATORS, on this Mother's Day, we hold you directly accountable and call on you
to withdraw your authorization for electroshock.

FELLOW CITIZENS, who think this "practice" stopped decades ago, on this Mother's Day,
We tell you that the carnage continues and that you too are responsible.

On this Mother's Day, May 13, 2007, as survivors and allies, we come together to
raise our voices in protest,
And we vow to return,
and return again,
Until this abomination
Is no more.